Work, Identity, Reading, and Writing

When I say work, I mean it’s objective that must be done at all costs depending on the situation. It is something that you must be committed to and do diligently if this work is something that is done for a long time. A good example would be a career since it is something that my father do on a daily basic throughout his life. It’s not only just an objective, but a responsibility per se since it is done must longer than a simple homework assignment that I do in college.

When I say reading, it means to observe a set of words (whether it’s an article or book) and digest the meaning of that specific message in it. Literature is a like a form of art that needs attention and analysis to get the overall meaning of the words written in your face. One good example is that I read a new news article and analyze the words that are used in order to see the relevance and importance it serves to the newspaper. This explains why reading and writing are important classes in most schools.

When I say identity, it means a natural born or mental quality that desacribes who I am as a person. It has variety of meanings like describing a person’s social status, occupation, nationality, personality, physical traits, and sense of fashion. For example I am a middle class American citizen who is known for his urban get-up, being a college student, having a collected personality, and stocky appearance. That either separates me from or accosiates me with the countless citizens of the Chicago area.

When I say writing, it means to script your thoughts with either a writing instrument or typing on a computer device. Like I mentioned for reading, it’s another way of speaking one’s thoughts so that it can be read by others to see what is the meaning of it’s existence. I can be either subtle or ambigous in terms of what needs to be written  depending on the situation. Usinga  wide variety of different writing techniques, like metaphors or puns, could make my work very interesting since many famous writers would use a similar techniques during their respective era.




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