Introduction: Mind and Work

What Rose means by his mother and uncle’s work affecting their identity is that it establishes who they are as people and what type of interests they have. He had idolized these specific relatives so much, hence why they were an influence to what he should think of work in his future. He talked about how his mother wanted to work as a waitress because she knew that she was finding some work. She was described as a hard working woman that would gossip with the costumers, complain about the hard work, and pass out the food whenever it was needed. She had described herself as “being among the public” and loved her job no matter how busy her body had to be during each shift.

Rose also had spoken of his uncle named Frank who had worked very hard as a railroad worker. The conditions of his job were much worse than Rose’s mother, but he had enjoyed his work nonetheless. He had a high knowledge of the many conditions and objectives when it came to working on the railroad thanks to his high knowledge and strong body. Frank had endured busy schedules, blistering cold, burning wounds, and intense pain during his time as a railroad worker. After such hazardous conditions, he had managed to pull through and became known as railroad man that did something big for the Pennsylvania Railroad

Though limiting in so many ways, their work provided a means of doing something in the world. As described earlier, both relative shad their punishing hardships during their career, but provided something good to the world thanks to their hard work. Work expands your knowledge, in which Rose called the business of intelligence, in which it challenges both your body and mind once you start your career. He had described a few factors like the way we decide who’s the most intellectual and the effect such judgement would have on who we are as a worker. Though, the common theme of labor is that it’s a political and social force that requires high levels of analytic skill.


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