You and Your Work Part 1: Babysitting Cousin

  • What are the practices/processes/activities of my work? The practices of my work involves watching a child’s every move at all costs. I have to be a robin that would nurture and take care of her chicks as she sits in her nest 24/7. There things that I might have to do like feeding him, watching preschool shows with him, making sure he stays out of trouble, and keeping him away from the outside at all times. Personally, I don’t have the patience to deal with kids that whine if they don’t get their way or won’t obey any order that I give. It’s a tedious process that would leech my brain cells if I endure it every now and then. I put up with it because it prepares me for things like having a career and being a parent in the near future. Babysitting a kid is a great way of preparing you for such responsibilities, especially if a little one that can or cannot be related to you can test your intelligence. He can be your friend if you be nice to him like a father would to his son, but not give him too much freedom when he’s in your sight. It’s something that I chose to do since it’s the first step to adulthood and prepares you for something similar when you actually have a spouse.
  • What are the tools and places where I work? There aren’t really that many tools I need for this job, though there are a few honorable mentions for babysitting. Since Jaden is a really young child, I can play some games with him like flash cards or anything that he like to do. The TV remote is in my control, which means I dictate what’s appropriate for him and what his parents wouldn’t want him to watch. Watching preschool channels like Nick Jr. or Disney Clubhouse would be a good start if he’s that young. Since they are growing sprouts that can be damaged easily, I give them food that they would normally eat that isn’t too salty or sugary like junk food. If they beg for it, I hide so that he won’t be able to sneak a morsel of it in his mouth like a weasel would to a chicken egg. The place I where I work would obviously be wherever the subject lives, like my cousin Jaden would live in my aunt’s house for example. The house is huge with two floors, the bottom room having the kitchen and living room and the top having both the parents’ and kids’ rooms (where I watch TV with my cousin).
  • What are the products of my work? There really is no product for my work per se, but the child I take care of  for the period (Jaden) is considered the product. Children are like plants, in which you have to watch over them overtime and raise it the right way without any trouble. Taking on this metaphor, this plant belongs to someone else and she has entrusted you to take care of it while she’s gone. Like I would  do to anything I own, I make sure that he doesn’t get seriously hurt and keep my eyes on it as long as possible. I do feed him when he’s hungry like a gardener would to his plant, but not o the point of being overfed. I play with Jaden when he asks for it so that whole babysit won’t be too boring or if there’s nothing for him to watch. I’m not the type of guy who watch or play things that aren’t for my age, but I’d put up with it for the sake of getting the job done.  Even show that would think of their viewers as goldfish with low attention spans like Dora the Explorer wouldn’t bother me to the pint of insanity.
  • Who do I work for? Who consumes my work? Where does my work end up? My aunt Yvonne is the mother of Jaden, making her my client and consumer for this job. She’s a woman who’ is infamous for her tight working schedule and lack of time to keep him entertained when he wants to, which I where I come into play. She’s the one who hired me to take care of and watch over Jaden while she’s at work over the night. She consumes my work since since she wants someone for the job and will pay me if I get it right. Normally, I’m the determined man who would do things no matter how annoying or impossible it is unlike my more lazier siblings. I know what it’s like to watch over something since I have a few pets and would tend my mini garden in the past, which had prepared me for such a task. My work does end up gig ing me the responsibility and patience for any other job or career in the near future. Not to mention showing what it’s like to raise a child or family in general as an adult like most Americans would do. This is my work and I am proud to do it since it helps me become a more efficient worker and a possible parent for my future.

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