Who Am I?

What’s unique about the section “Where is that part that is ‘me’?” is that it takes the issue of Steven sees what goes on in his mind. First, it starts out explaining the issue in a serious manner, then it goes into a trans state where he asks a large amount of questions about the issue. Explains the issue very much about making jokes compulsively to impress students and that it would make him look unprofessional to his own students. Most the questions do involve his brain and how it runs his overall decisions in life. The use of music suits each situation depending on how serious it is.

What’s unique about the section “’The Story of Me” is that it takes the issue of thought surplus of living things in general. The first example talks about how a monkey would think of a female monkey’s red bottom in his brain. The guy thinks about how a different set of animals (canary, monkey, ect) think and that humans are different from them in terms of their thinking. The idea of yourself is that you pluck everything from your memories, good or bad, and extract it into a story. The use of serene music makes the theme so mystifying.

What’s unique about the section “’I haven’t been myself lately” is that it takes the issue of not knowing where yourself is and how we know that we aren’t being “yourself”. The protagonists tells a story about his dad and how they have immigrated into San Diego for a while. When his father died, he have felt that a part of himself died as well. He haven’t felt like himself ever since and dealt with the issue of loneliness. The use of sad music made things slightly more serious about the issue and he compares it to the need of nitroglycerin. He felt very vulnerable since he wanted to introduce his father to his children before he died.




You and Your Work Part II: Babysitting Cousin

My first known job was being a babysitter and it does reflect on my overall identity in a way that would make me a better person. Babysitting is one of the main jobs that are bound to get you a better sense of what to prepare for in the future, especially when it comes to raising a family or being around children period. You have to think of your client, the child you have to look after, as your own child. It teaches you the basics in terms of how difficult childcare is, how to be patient with the child, and how to make the child obey you without any abuse. Usually, I’m the one hired to look after my younger cousin (or cousins if it’s more of them involved) during the summer (after my third year of highs school) when my aunt is gone. Sometimes, I do have my other two siblings to help if both or one of them are involved. This is the closest thing to having you own child, but it’s for a short amount of time and you don’t necessarily have to take care of the house. It’s the perfect start to prepare you before hand since you don’t necessarily have to do so forever since the client can or cannot be related to you. I’m the type of guy who likes any type of work or to be responsible of anything possible. Overall, babysitting was the perfect job for me since it fulfills that deed very well. At first I really hated kids, but then I  had started to grow fond of them after my first round of baby sitting. Sure the process of keeping Jaden out of trouble was hard, but it was pretty fun getting to know him and interact with the curious boy. This is how the job had established my identity for the future ahead of me.

Many kids dream of being just like their parents: responsible hard working individuals who would look out for others. I’ve felt the same way at that time since I do want to contribute to society by being a responsible individual. Which is where my babysitting comes to play since that’s a great start. One of things you have to do is take care of your client as if its your own child. Usually, the older sibling is the one who’s in charge if the parents leave their children at home and he/she is in for something that would establish their identity later on. You can be concerned for what your clients do, but not rule with an iron fist or be too bossy. Doing the opposite would make your seem like a negative individual who doesn’t have the patience to be around everyone. When I do watch over my siblings, it prepares me for what I will be up against when I eventually become a babysitter. It makes me someone who’s knows that they will be responsible for someone in the future and accept that like an honorable man. A responsible individual needs to have the patience to withstand anything no matter how ridiculous it is. Sometimes babysitting Jaden can be a chore since he feels the need to not respect anyone who isn’t his parent or have his way when he needs to. I do understand that he’s my responsibility during that time and I need to do anything possible to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble. I do put a smile on my face to prove to him that I’m as responsible as his parents and that he needs to trust me while we are together. I grew more responsible afterwards since it makes me take anything serious without being to harsh or depressed.

One thing that many people have trouble with nowadays is patience, especially for those thinking about their future for themselves. Being a babysitter teaches you how to have more patience since its required to make sure you keep yourself in check and try not to upset the child. There are situations where Jaden would cry if he doesn’t get his way or hate you for not being his beloved parents. You have to understand that the child is young and you can’t be too hard on him since that’s his parent’s job. You can’t let him disobey you and being strict to an extent is what’s required to make sure the job is done right. I do entertain him in a good way to prove that I’m a good person and he can trust me while watching him. Jaden cries at certain times and I can treat it as nothing but a dog’s bark since I can be mad a child that acts his actual age. There are times when he would ask me for water and I would nonchalant give him a cup full. This is a taste of what it will be like being a parent since we (my siblings and I) are likely become parents in the near future. If you’re not patient enough to stand a crying child or look after him, then you aren’t worthy of being a married parent at all. Patience also comes to play when you watch something that isn’t for your age, but the child’s as well since you have to spend some time with him. Watching shows like Sesame Street or Arthur with Jaden isn’t that bad since I’ve grown up with these shows during my early childhood. My patience had risen after watching after the little guy and it was helpful at times now.

Lastly, babysitting teaches you how to care for others. One of the main things that has to be done when it comes to kids is to show that you care for them. You can express that you like being around them by playing a few games, not being abusive, and treating the child as if he/she were your own. I was thought to love anyone in my family no matter how spoiled or flawed they are when it comes to being around them. I do give Jaden the food he likes, while not giving him what my aunt told me not to give him. When he hurts himself, I do take him to his room and give him the first aid needed to cheer him up. I do warn him to not touch certain things that were frail enough to fall onto him if careless. Everything that I do on this job with my siblings basically sums up what it’s like being a parent that has to watching everything a child does and take care of him/her. That’s basically how my parents sometimes feel when when taking care of us in our early childhood age. Then, they would eventually grow attached to us as we grow and become adults up to this day. Even my dad did babysit someone when he was younger before meeting my mom in the past. Being in a family means that we have to be concerned for each other whether we want to or not. Babysitting helps me establish that part of me more since I have to get used to the idea of being around younger kids. Especially when I may consider having them in the far future.  Being around him was great since it taught me that valuable lesson at that time.

Babysitting is one of the most popular jobs for young adults for a great reason as I’ve learned since that experience. It makes you a parent, but without the worry of paying bills or driving around with the children. I used to hate babies when I was in my early elementary school, years and thought that being a parent isn’t meant for me. Babysitting Jaden with my siblings during my mid-high school years was a real treat to change that viewpoint. I learned that guiding the child you look after and learning to know his personality gives you a great idea of how parenting would turn out during your middle age years. I became of more patient person that could deal with anyone’s issues, helped out certain relatives more at times, made the kids smile when they need to, and became a more likable guy to be around during my last few years of high school. This type of identity establishment would eventually prepare me for the college I’m in today and get used to their demanding schedules with no problem. I can tell there’s bright future ahead of me when I have the career I want and have the family I’d always imagined with these traits. I agreed to babysit from the start since I needed development in these areas to be a better person for the sake of myself and others. I actually had fun taking care of him a few times and never felt the need to complain even once when he had messed up. He loves me the most of my siblings and always look forward to seeing me when we have a family get-together. I know that these new qualities (having more patience, better sense of responsibility, and empathy for others) would eventually lead me to success in the future when it comes to raising a family and working for that family. This is overall how babysitting had established my identity back then and made me a better person for my future.

Response to Rose’s “Conclusion: Working Life”

One important Idea that Rose has about work is language and/or social communication are mutual for most jobs and give you a sense of intelligence when working. “With waitressing and styling hair, we saw occupations where language and communication are central to the work itself, help constitute it. In fact, the interpretive aspect of talk is critical: recall the number of verbal techniques (interwoven with graphics and gestures) that the stylist uses to come to an understanding of the client’s desire.” (pg. 202 Paragraph 2). It helps me think about my work since there are times when communing with your clients are mandatory to succeed with your own work. Many jobs ranging from doctors to teachers have to talk with their clients to help them out in the best way they can since that is one of the main requirements of that job. We are a social race and these jobs take advantage of that quality to make us work hard and prove how competent we are in life when it comes to your job. It also gives me an idea of what to say to anyone who asks me about my job and what do I normally say to them when it comes to my work. My first job was babysitting, a job where talking is highly important, which is something that’s pretty challenge for a guy like me. I not only have to watch over the child, but reason with him since he has to know what type of person you are when doing that job. You can tell him not to do something, answer any question he asks, play verbal games with him, and communicating in general. You have to do so for the sake of giving off vibes of a parental figure that he can listen to or like being around instead of a distant individual that avoids younger individuals. Overall, I have to write about every verbal and physical think about my work to go along with Rose’s rule of communication’s importance to work.