Response to Rose’s “Conclusion: Working Life”

One important Idea that Rose has about work is language and/or social communication are mutual for most jobs and give you a sense of intelligence when working. “With waitressing and styling hair, we saw occupations where language and communication are central to the work itself, help constitute it. In fact, the interpretive aspect of talk is critical: recall the number of verbal techniques (interwoven with graphics and gestures) that the stylist uses to come to an understanding of the client’s desire.” (pg. 202 Paragraph 2). It helps me think about my work since there are times when communing with your clients are mandatory to succeed with your own work. Many jobs ranging from doctors to teachers have to talk with their clients to help them out in the best way they can since that is one of the main requirements of that job. We are a social race and these jobs take advantage of that quality to make us work hard and prove how competent we are in life when it comes to your job. It also gives me an idea of what to say to anyone who asks me about my job and what do I normally say to them when it comes to my work. My first job was babysitting, a job where talking is highly important, which is something that’s pretty challenge for a guy like me. I not only have to watch over the child, but reason with him since he has to know what type of person you are when doing that job. You can tell him not to do something, answer any question he asks, play verbal games with him, and communicating in general. You have to do so for the sake of giving off vibes of a parental figure that he can listen to or like being around instead of a distant individual that avoids younger individuals. Overall, I have to write about every verbal and physical think about my work to go along with Rose’s rule of communication’s importance to work.


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