Who Am I?

What’s unique about the section “Where is that part that is ‘me’?” is that it takes the issue of Steven sees what goes on in his mind. First, it starts out explaining the issue in a serious manner, then it goes into a trans state where he asks a large amount of questions about the issue. Explains the issue very much about making jokes compulsively to impress students and that it would make him look unprofessional to his own students. Most the questions do involve his brain and how it runs his overall decisions in life. The use of music suits each situation depending on how serious it is.

What’s unique about the section “’The Story of Me” is that it takes the issue of thought surplus of living things in general. The first example talks about how a monkey would think of a female monkey’s red bottom in his brain. The guy thinks about how a different set of animals (canary, monkey, ect) think and that humans are different from them in terms of their thinking. The idea of yourself is that you pluck everything from your memories, good or bad, and extract it into a story. The use of serene music makes the theme so mystifying.

What’s unique about the section “’I haven’t been myself lately” is that it takes the issue of not knowing where yourself is and how we know that we aren’t being “yourself”. The protagonists tells a story about his dad and how they have immigrated into San Diego for a while. When his father died, he have felt that a part of himself died as well. He haven’t felt like himself ever since and dealt with the issue of loneliness. The use of sad music made things slightly more serious about the issue and he compares it to the need of nitroglycerin. He felt very vulnerable since he wanted to introduce his father to his children before he died.




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