Response to “Blood in the Gutter” and “The Six Steps” from McCloud’s Understanding Comics

In the inscription The Six Steps, McCloud outlines the path of six steps. The path of six steps are something to guide you while you are doing your work in life. Step 1 is the idea, which is impulses of the work that you’ve done in the past. Step 2 is the form, which is the appearance in which the description of your work will take. Step 3 is the idiom, which is the type of “genre” or style that your work is going by in any way, shape, or form. Step 4 is the structure, which is how the work is composed and putting everything that you have so far together in one mass. Step 5 is the craft, which is how you get the job done whether its applying skills, invention, problem solving, or practical knowledge to it. Step 6 is the surface, which is the results of adding all the finishing touches required to give your work the appearance it needs in order to be noticed. These are the 6 main steps that are needed to be followed in order to talk about or explain what your work is to others. A highly recommended method that’s required of us for this finale Writing and Rhetoric 1 for 2014 semester. McCloud latter talks about a concept known as the “Blood in the Gutter.” What that means is when a transition of ideas are done in a space (the gutter) to capture every moment from one frame to the other. In other words, you take two images and combine them together to form one idea to explain what happens. A good example is how comics would use a space with various frames, each one pertaining to a special idea. The comic panels fracture time and space in which makes a bunch of unrelated images connected, which feels more so when we get a mental image of the idea.


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