Response to Sanders’s “The Inheritance of Tools” and “Under the Influence”

“I tell these things not only from memory but also from my recent observation, because my own son now turns blocks of wood into nailed porcupines, dumps cans full of sawdust at my feet and sculpts highways on the  floor.” (Saunders pp 5).  I still notice every twitch of emotion in the faces around me, having learned as a child to read the weather in faces, and I blame myself for their least pang of unhappiness or anger.” (Saunders pp. 12).  These two sentences are in agreement with each other  because they share the same idea of how your life with your father will affect your own life.

“My father would let me lacerate the board until my arm gave out, and then he would wrap his hand around mine and help me finish the cut, showing me how to use my thumb to guide the blade, how to pull back on the saw to keep it from binding, how to let my shoulder do the work.” (Saunders pp. 4). “Like a torture victim who refuses to squeal, he would never admit that he had touched a drop, not even in his last year, when he seemed to be dissolving in alcohol before our very eyes.” (Saunders pp. 3). These two sentences contradicted each other because one father is affected by his object in a good way when around his family while the other father is affected by his object in a bad way.

Saunders could write two different essays with two very different perspectives on the character because he wants to give his readers a taste of the good and the bad. Basically, he’s letting us know the possibilities of what would happen if the character’s father had a different personality that would affect him in a different way. Many people have different tastes and may prefer one story to the other depending on which one is more interesting or believable when it comes to how work affects you in life. In the Inheritance of Tools, the father taught his son how to handle a hammer, a family hierloom, that would make him a hardworking man that loves to take care of his family. In Under the Inluence, the protagonist’s father had an unhealthy alchoholism problem that would eventually lead him to feel guilty about himself and consider his workaholic tendencies equally as bad. That way, it makes us look at both viewpoints in an interesting way instead of focusing  one setting when it comes to explaining the subject.


Response to Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

A classical understanding sees the world primarily as underlying form itself according to Pirsig’s and it is much different from a romantic understanding. It’s the type of understanding and revolves around facts or the scientific form when it comes anything in life. For example, someone has to appreciate something for the meaning of it’s form other than judging it’s appearance. I have once shown the specs of the PlayStation 3 to a fellow gamer and he was drawn by the luscious details about it.  Like the frame rates it could handle, the type of engine it could handle, and every other details that makes of console’s wonderful form. Most gamers wouldn’t care for such details and just buy the console for it’s appearance and the graphics of the compatible games alone.”But if you were to show the same blueprint or schematic or give the same description to a classical person he might look at it and then become fascinated by it because he sees that within the lines and shapes and symbols is a tremendous richness of underlying form” (Pirsig pg. 2).

The romantic undertsnading is primarily inspirational and is all about feelings rather than facts predominate compared to classical understanding. This is heavily liked to something that you’d want to admire on the outside, in which it’s name came from Romantic Era art. “It does not proceed by reason or by laws. It proceeds by feeling, intuition and esthetic conscience.” (Pirsig pg. 2). Though, it it usually associated with femininity since most women would have these type of thoughts towards. A great example would be the beauty of a flower being interpreted by the average human. Most men would feel awkward if they were to admit how beautiful it looks and focus on something more with a more manlier form.  Now if it were a woman witnessing the flowers form, she would observe the crisp petals of the flower’s head along with the soaked green stem that holds it up. There are differences between the two understandings (classical and romantic), though they could be used together when it comes to judging anything’s form regardless of type.



Introduction: Mind and Work

What Rose means by his mother and uncle’s work affecting their identity is that it establishes who they are as people and what type of interests they have. He had idolized these specific relatives so much, hence why they were an influence to what he should think of work in his future. He talked about how his mother wanted to work as a waitress because she knew that she was finding some work. She was described as a hard working woman that would gossip with the costumers, complain about the hard work, and pass out the food whenever it was needed. She had described herself as “being among the public” and loved her job no matter how busy her body had to be during each shift.

Rose also had spoken of his uncle named Frank who had worked very hard as a railroad worker. The conditions of his job were much worse than Rose’s mother, but he had enjoyed his work nonetheless. He had a high knowledge of the many conditions and objectives when it came to working on the railroad thanks to his high knowledge and strong body. Frank had endured busy schedules, blistering cold, burning wounds, and intense pain during his time as a railroad worker. After such hazardous conditions, he had managed to pull through and became known as railroad man that did something big for the Pennsylvania Railroad

Though limiting in so many ways, their work provided a means of doing something in the world. As described earlier, both relative shad their punishing hardships during their career, but provided something good to the world thanks to their hard work. Work expands your knowledge, in which Rose called the business of intelligence, in which it challenges both your body and mind once you start your career. He had described a few factors like the way we decide who’s the most intellectual and the effect such judgement would have on who we are as a worker. Though, the common theme of labor is that it’s a political and social force that requires high levels of analytic skill.

Work, Identity, Reading, and Writing

When I say work, I mean it’s objective that must be done at all costs depending on the situation. It is something that you must be committed to and do diligently if this work is something that is done for a long time. A good example would be a career since it is something that my father do on a daily basic throughout his life. It’s not only just an objective, but a responsibility per se since it is done must longer than a simple homework assignment that I do in college.

When I say reading, it means to observe a set of words (whether it’s an article or book) and digest the meaning of that specific message in it. Literature is a like a form of art that needs attention and analysis to get the overall meaning of the words written in your face. One good example is that I read a new news article and analyze the words that are used in order to see the relevance and importance it serves to the newspaper. This explains why reading and writing are important classes in most schools.

When I say identity, it means a natural born or mental quality that desacribes who I am as a person. It has variety of meanings like describing a person’s social status, occupation, nationality, personality, physical traits, and sense of fashion. For example I am a middle class American citizen who is known for his urban get-up, being a college student, having a collected personality, and stocky appearance. That either separates me from or accosiates me with the countless citizens of the Chicago area.

When I say writing, it means to script your thoughts with either a writing instrument or typing on a computer device. Like I mentioned for reading, it’s another way of speaking one’s thoughts so that it can be read by others to see what is the meaning of it’s existence. I can be either subtle or ambigous in terms of what needs to be written  depending on the situation. Usinga  wide variety of different writing techniques, like metaphors or puns, could make my work very interesting since many famous writers would use a similar techniques during their respective era.